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Car Accident Claims Advice

Car Accidents can be two things; traumatic and, or life-altering. We're not just talking about the physical pain from broken bones or soft tissue injuries. We also mean the mental/psychological damage that results from such a harrowing experience.

Life is full of ups and downs. After a car crash, you have the right to claim compensation for injuries done to your person! Let our team help you find an experienced Solicitor that can make sure all bases are covered in order for you to get paid out on your insurance policy following injury from a car accident.

Regardless of the magnitude of the injury, you can claim compensation provided you meet the criteria to do so.

UK Car Accident Statistics

The latest statistics reveal that the number of fatalities related to car accidents fell by a fifth of 2019 levels. This translates to 670 souls lost in car accidents. But, many experts attribute this decline to the effects of lockdowns and other measures taken after 2018-2019; when there were 26,610 serious car accidents with 165,100 people also suffering minor injuries during these same periods.

So it's not much of a reprieve - especially as we get back to business as usual - but it makes sense that everyone interested in their safety and security on our increasingly perilous roadways today is aware where they stand should such an eventuality arise again soon or otherwise!

Why Should I Make a Car Accident Claim?

Bouncing back after getting injured in a car accident takes loads of courage and support. And, no amount of money will reduce the undue pain and suffering. But, a decent compensation may be able to help you get the medical treatment, physiological and psychological support you need as you recover.

Here are some other important reasons to make a car accident compensation claim after being involved in a road accident.

Getting the Financial Aid You Deserve

Being involved in a car accident affects your life in so many ways. Even if you don't lose your mobility, you won't work or socialise as you did before, which can cause loads of anxiety or affect your ability to make an income.

A decent financial compensation creates a buffer for road accident victims looking to resume life as usual. It won't ultimately solve all your problems, but it will reduce the financial pressure your new reality presents.

The Quest for Justice

An accident has occurred, and you're dealing with the fact that it cannot be undone. Some of the changes associated may be permanent; physical, mental, or financial. It is not uncommon or unfair for car accident victims to seek some form of justice. The quest for justice is not always about retribution or assigning blame. Sometimes it is about compelling reckless drivers to accept the responsibility for the irreversible changes their actions brought to your life or warning other reckless road users to take better caution. Regardless of the motive, claiming compensation helps you seek justice and amends for any losses you may sustain.

Interim/Advanced Payment

You may be fortunate enough to receive an interim payment before the final verdict is made. Don't expect a big settlement, though! The justice system caters to the average Joe who may need immediate assistance as they try and settle back into society- Not everyone has money or property that will suffice for court fees without some kind of assistance beforehand. The amount varies greatly but it could be anywhere from £1000 down to nothing at all, depending on the victims/defendants circumstances and what was initially demanded by the victim as part-time payments as proceedings are taking place.

In rare cases where defendants have no assets (or too little), courts might grant them an advance loan until litigation concludes with full compensation awarded.

Support for Your Full Recovery Effort

Victims of road traffic accidents require a lot of care. Injuries range from permanent spinal damage, internal organ damage, soft tissue injuries, back injury, psychological trauma among others. While some medical issues may be resolved by immediate care in the emergency room, others may require lengthier admissions, with some requiring specialised care. This is another key function of the compensation claim received from car accident injury.

The recovery journey has its fair share of unprecedented expenses, which may financially cripple the victim. During the recovery period, one is not able to report to work which already constricts their income. Secondly, specialised care may require the patient to dig a little out of pocket. Thirdly, recovery requires special adaptation for instance changes in diet, medical support equipment, regular trips to the hospital, hired in-house care among others.

Making a timely claim through the other driver's insurance firm can grant you early access to these much-needed funds. This reduces your strain and financial burden, and you can focus on getting the treatment and support you need to get back on your feet.

Getting a Form of Closure from the Final Compensation

They say that money can't buy happiness, but it sure can help.

The lump-sum payment you receive at the closure of injury claim proceedings is a great way to pick up all those pieces and get your life back on track after an unfortunate event like getting hurt in a road traffic accident.

Compensation Based on the Circumstances

All road users reserve the right to claim compensation depending on the circumstances. Let's have a brief look at where you stand if:

If You Were the Driver

You can make a claim on any loss or injury if it was another party that caused the accident. In some situations, the negligence of other parties could also cause a car accident. For instance, the municipal authorities may have neglected to place adequate road signs or plough the road during icy winters.

In such a case, you can make an accident claim against the authorities tasked with road maintenance. A pedestrian or cyclist's negligence can also cause you to sway into traffic or other obstacles.

You also stand the chance of winning compensation even if the offending party lacks insurance cover. It may not be wise to seek compensation in every instance. But, the only way to know is to speak to your insurer through our Car Accident solicitors.

What If you're Merely a Passenger?

Passengers bear the least fault in car accidents since it's generally viewed as the driver's negligence or other party's. So, they reserve the right to be able to claim compensation for any loss, damage, or injury claims through a passenger claim. And that's a given, but certain circumstances also come into play.

Failure to comply with road safety measures such as wearing a seat belt or cases of negligence resulting from being too intoxicated could harm the level of compensation awarded. In some cases, you may even get nothing.

Let's Say You Were a Pedestrian?

Pedestrians can make car accident claims on injuries sustained from car accidents. That's if you can prove your injuries resulted from a third party's direct actions. In some circumstances, you could also carry some of the blame but may still be able to receive some level of compensation.

Hit and Run Car Accident Claims

Unfortunately, hit and run accidents are a common occurrence in the UK despite the fact that's it's a criminal offence. In such an accident, the driver flees the scene without providing adequate contact information. The situation is compounded when dealing with an uninsured driver as this could affect the level of compensation awarded.

Fortunately, The UK has the world's largest CCTV network, so finding some evidence to support your car accident claims may not be too challenging. You can file a direct claim to the MIB (Motor Insurer's Bureau). Or speak to us through our car accident solicitors.

Can a Cyclist Make a Road Traffic Accident Claim?

So, let's say you were cycling on your way to a social engagement or work. Then, a car smacks you out of your reveries, and seconds later, you're on the ground writhing in agony. Then, you are entitled to some level of compensation if the accident was not your fault.

You can be awarded damages for more than your soft tissue injuries or broken bones. This could help you recoup any loss of earnings, damaged clothing, gear, and even your bike.

Is There a Precedent That Covers You If an Animal Causes the Accident?

The UK is also home to loads of pets and livestock such as horses and cattle. Such animals have a mind of their own and the tendency to wander into our roads. So, their owners bear loads of responsibility in ensuring their livestock don't endanger drivers and other road users.

You can bring a personal injury claim against such a negligent livestock owner. Our experienced car accident solicitors can help you find the right category under the Road Traffic Accident Claims Act.

Making a Claim for Personal Injury Following a Car Accident

Surviving a car crash will leave you in a state of shock. First, you should count your lucky stars, take a deep breath as you try to find your "mental bearings" or composure. Then it may be wise to take the following steps.

  • Do not acknowledge any liability.
  • Call an ambulance or seek some medical attention
  • Inform the police
  • Write down what occurred as vividly as possible
  • Whip out your phone and take as many photos as you can
  • If a van, lorry, or any company car was involved, write down their information
  • Get the names and numbers of any witnesses
  • Explain the injury you sustained in Detail
  • Get your insurer on the line

Don't panic or fret if you miss any of these steps. You still stand a chance at making a sincere car accident claim after the fact. We will then arrange contact between you and the solicitor, who will help you make an injury claim.

Our personal injury solicitors are carefully selected and have helped thousands of people in making a claim for compensation.

Do I Qualify To Make a Personal Injury Claim?

If you had a personal injury that was someone else's fault, you are able to make a personal injury claim. Many people are unaware that they can make a claim even if they were the driver at fault. Passengers, pedestrians, and even cyclists can also make a claim.

The same applies to road traffic accidents involving animals, trees, utility fixtures, and stationary obstacles. You can make a personal injury if;

  1. The incident that caused your injury occurred within the last three years from the date of the accident
  2. You're not even partly at fault.

The best way to ascertain if you are eligible is to secure the services of a law firm that will work your case.

Are There Any Exceptions To The 3 Year Time Limit?

Three years is a reasonable time frame. Even the busiest of law firms can bring the matter to a conclusion within such a timeline. However, certain circumstances can warrant you a reasonable legal leeway as you seek some financial redress.

Such exceptions include;

Making A Claim on Behalf Of a Child (Or Children)

You can make a personal injury claim on behalf of your child before he/she turns 18. After that, your child can make a claim up until the age of 21.

The Claimants Mental Capacity

Such a time limit does not apply if a car accident affects you're loved one's mental capacity, hence their ability to make a claim. This time limit applies should they regain their mental faculties within the time limit.

If the Car Accident Occurred While Abroad

Time limits in other countries and legal jurisdictions vary from UK's. Some are even shorter. However, it also depends on the circumstances of the incident. Consulting your car accident solicitor can help you know if you can make the claim under UK law.

Criminally Liable Injuries

A separate part of the penal code applies if your injuries resulted from someone's deliberate intentions. It also applies to hit and run car accidents (depending on whether you were or not at fault).

You can state your case before the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). Here, the legal framework allows you to make your claim within 2 years after the accident.

The Case of the Untraceable or Uninsured Driver

We still have many uninsured drivers on the road despite the efforts of many local constabularies. There's also the case of the errant driver that flees the scene of an accident (for whatever reason). In most cases, they cause injuries with no regard for compensation.

However, you can still make a car accident injury claim in such situations. This all depends on how well you collect all the relevant information regarding the car accident. Your solicitor can make a claim if you take note of:

  • The make, model, and colour of the vehicle
  • Compile a list of potential eye-witnesses
  • Take adequate photos
  • Requisition of CCTV footage from nearby buildings or traffic lights
  • Score some actionable references from the police department that responded to your accident

How Do Untraced Driver Claims Work?

Untraced Driver Claims allow you to make a valid claim even if you were too incapacitated to obtain the relevant insurer's information from the other party. It puts the following scenarios into consideration;

If the Drive Doesn't Have Insurance

You can still make a claim even if the driver doesn't have their insurance information at hand or isn't insured. It's easy to track insurers if you take note of the car's registration plate. The insurer of the vehicle will handle the claim regardless of whether the driver is unnamed.

They'll also handle the claim even if the driver that holds the insurance cover wasn't behind the wheel during the accident.

If the Drive Hits Your Car and Flees the Scene or Withholds Their Information

Failure to stop and provide information after an accident is a criminal offense. But, this doesn't stop people from committing such an act. Your ability to make a claim lies within your ability to get the registration plate.

If They Were Driving a Stolen Car

The law's impartial nature can be unfair to certain parties at times. For instance, under section 151 (Road Traffic Act 1988), the owner of a stolen vehicle bears liability for any road traffic accident. This covers any personal injury or loss on the victim's part.

This doesn't mean you can get compensation from the car owner's insurer if your car sustains any damage. You'll have to seek compensation from your own insurance policy.

If The Vehicle In Question Has a Foreign Registration

You're able to claim compensation even if the vehicle in question has a foreign registration and insurer. All your need to do is contact the Motor Insurers' Bureau. They'll help you get in contact with the insurer of the foreign car.

What Is the Relevance of the Motor Insurer's Bureau?

Well, the MIB is your best bet for dealing with uninsured and untraceable drivers. It has sufficient mechanisms for tracing even hit and run drivers. They'll do their best to bring in the party responsible for your personal injury or loss to book.

The MIB will handle the claim, much like an insurance firm, should they fail to trace the errant drive. They can compensate you if you make a successful claim. Our car accident solicitors can help you work such a system and even expedite the process.

Can I Make an Accident Claim If I'm At Fault?

The short answer is, it depends on the circumstances of the car accident. For instance, if your car collided with another one and it was due to the road conditions or missing road signs, then you can make a successful claim.

The level of compensation depends on loads of factors. Were you wearing a seatbelt? Did you fail to indicate your intentions on the road with turn signs? Legal inquiries will factor in how such things contributed to the car accident. In such cases, you stand to get lower financial compensation.

As mentioned earlier, a pedestrian can also make a pedestrian claim if the driver is at fault. Sometimes it's hard to close in on who is at fault. That's why your best hope lies in working with a law firm.

What If it's Unclear Who Is at Fault?

Your solicitor has the burden when it comes to proving another party is wholly or partly to blame for an accident. Sometimes it's straightforward, like if another driver rear-ends your stationary vehicle. But at times, this is easier said than done.

Here's how solicitors work such cases;

When an Unidentified Party causes a car Accident

In some cases, the claimant may not be able to point out who caused their injury. Here, compensation depends on the nature and extent of the personal injury. Our car accident solicitors have the right frameworks for finding the liable party.

They also have other avenues to help you get compensated if that proves too challenging. Fortunately, we have government agencies such as the MIB. Such bodies pay injured parties in the case of uninsured or unidentifiable drives.

The Case of Contributory Negligence

The level of compensation reduces in cases where your negligence contributes to your personal injury. This is usually a numbers game that calculates how your actions translate into your personal injury.

For instance, an investigation could reveal riding a bike without a helmet or failure to strap on a seat belt could factor into 40% of the accident. So you could get a compensation of up 60% of the standard amount.

Contributory negligence also looks at other factors like not seeking immediate or comprehensive medical care. It's a play on all the things you could have done to avoid injury, or how your actions after the accident in question aggravated your injuries.

Disputed Liability

Contributed negligence can give a respondent/defendant reasonable grounds for disputing any liability regarding your personal injury. After all, the law doesn't compel any party to assume any liability at the scene of an accident.

You're also free to dispute any charges pursuant to a formal letter of claim, or if any disputable grounds reveal themselves during legal proceedings. The court or arbitration body is likely to uphold any strong arguments leveled by the defense against the respondent.

What Is My Best Bet Against Disputed Liability?

Your best bet lies with your legal advice. At times the claimant's lawyer may deem closing the claim as the only viable option. At times, you can find compensation using other avenues. So it's always wise to seek the services of the best car accident solicitor you can find.

Our solicitors give no quarter and have an excellent track record in winning many car accident claims.

How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

There are no tariffs or quotas that set a ceiling on your personal injury claim. However, it depends on what we solicitors like to call "extenuating circumstances". This surmises the type and extent of the personal injury.

It can refer to psychological trauma and the loss of the ability to earn an income. As mentioned, you could also make a claim if you were a passenger. There's also the case of criminal liability if the driver flees the scene.

The best way to learn your eligibility is to consult a law firm or a car accident solicitor as soon as possible.

What Car Accident Injuries Should I Seek Compensation For?

Whiplash is the most commonly claimed car accident injury. It's a neck injury that results from the rapid back and forth movement of your neck. It's a minor injury, but it can cause you to lose full mobility of your neck or difficulties swallowing.

Other minor injuries include:

  • Lesions and scars
  • Back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Neck pain
  • Broken teeth

However, it may be wise to seek the advice of your GP to establish the severity of your minor injuries. After all, your minor injury may be a ticking time bomb that can affect your mobility and mental wellness in the future.

Severe injuries need loads of care. Your car accident injury claim compensation amount can help you offset such costs. These include injuries to the following;

  • Soft tissues
  • The brain
  • Internal Organs
  • Deep cuts and lacerations
  • Bones
  • Rotator cuff (wrists, ankles, and other joints)
  • Internal hemorrhaging (bleeding)
  • Disfiguring facial scars

Your mental pain and suffering are also considered a severe injury. This is because it can lead to depression, anxiety, PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), and other forms of psychosis. So, it may be wise to consult a psychologist before making a personal injury claim.

What Damages Can I Claim Besides Personal Injury?

A road accident affects your life in uncountable ways. Sure, it's hard to put a pound value on such issues. But, your solicitor has a formula for calculating your rightful compensation.

This usually factors in;

Special Damages

These include any expenses or financial losses that result from a car accident or personal injury. Such claims can cover:

  • Loss of current and future earnings
  • Costs of medical treatment
  • Physiotherapy and other specialised care
  • Travel expenses
  • The cost of adapting to life with personal injuries

General Damages

General damages are awarded for:

  • Pain
  • Suffering
  • Loss of amenity

The Judicial college publishes and updates the guidelines that govern how courts and insurers award car accident claims.

What If I Sustain Multiple Injuries?

It's easy to assume that you may be able to claim a settlement for each injury. But, that's seldom the case as it's not practical. The court considers the most severe injury as the starting point. Then you may receive a reduced amount for other injuries.

Let's have a look at how it works;

  • Let's say you receive a general damages compensation for a severe back injury to the tune of £20,000.
  • You'd probably get a £5,000 settlement for a minor ankle injury if it were in isolation.
  • However, you'd receive £20,000 for the severe injury + a reduced percentage of the £5,000 for the minor ankle injury.

Special damages are also not factored into your claim, so they won't increase if you have multiple injuries. Personal injury claims don't consider damages in isolation. They try to lump everything into an individual claim for the sake of expediting arbitrative proceedings.

How Can I Make a Claim on Behalf of a Child?

You have the right to make a car accident claim on behalf of a child if you're their legal guardian or parent. The following factors will determine the eligibility of your claim;

  1. A party that owes the child a duty of care was responsible for the accident, i.e. a teacher. Drivers also owe pedestrians and other users the same line of responsibility.
  2. The incident in question was as a result of the violation of such a duty.
  3. The child sustained injuries as a result of the accident.

What If the Child Bears Some Responsibility for the Car Accident?

You may be able to claim descent compensation even with shared liability. Children don't always envision the consequences of their actions. That's why they need constant adult supervision and mentoring.

This is the best way for them to see the risks of their actions from an adult perspective. They hold a lower responsibility for actions that can lead to an accident. That's a given even if they were trespassing or not wearing safety gear as they bike around town.

Simplifying the Process of Making Claims On Behalf Of a Child

At Claim Line 365, we understand the sensitivity and expertise that goes into making claims on behalf of children. Our solicitors provide tailor-made advice on the best way to approach the suit. It may also be wise to consult a medical specialist before proceeding with a car accident claim.

We eliminate any complications involved such as;

  • Car accidents that occur on school grounds or while on school trips
  • Incidences that occur on the road or public property
  • Injuries sustained from the negligence of municipal authorities ( in parks or public playgrounds)
  • Any injuries that stem from medical negligence

To top it off, we'll work with you through the process while simplifying all the complicated legal language. This will help you focus on your child's medical care and recovery.

Can Failure to Wear a Seatbelt Affect My Claim?

You should still make an accident compensation claim even if you were not strapped into the driver's seat. It doesn't disqualify the validity of your claim, but it can reduce the amount of compensation you can get.

The act of not wearing a seatbelt is what we call contributory negligence. Therefore, such negligence can't be viewed in isolation, because it probably wouldn't have stopped the car accident, especially if you bear the least responsibility.

The court may also find that not wearing a seatbelt doesn't factor in contributory negligence on your part. That's why a medical expert provides professional advice on the relationship between your actions and the injuries you sustained.

But, the amount of compensation may be reduced if the medical expert determines wearing a seatbelt may have reduced the extent of your injuries. The court gives a 25% reduction if it finds that wearing a seat belt could have prevented the injury; and a reduction in the region of 15% if wearing a seat belt could have reduced the severity of your injury.

Why Do Personal Injury Claims Require Medical Examinations?

Medical examinations are essential if you were injured in a car crash. Your solicitors will make all the arrangements. Such examinations help to identify the nature and severity of the injuries. This allows your insurance company to calculate the sum of your compensation.

You're also encouraged to consult your general practitioner right after the accident. This is because sometimes minor and internal injuries may be more severe than you may think.

How Long Does a Car Accident Claim Take?

How long does a car accident claim for compensation last from the date of the accident? Due to their severity and cumulative impact, no car accident is the same. Therefore, an arbitration body can settle some claims within a couple of months. Others can take multiple years from the date of the crash to reach a full conclusion.

The length of your claim can depend on;

The severity of your personal injuries: Minor injuries can be settled within a few months, while severe injuries such as brain or spinal injuries usually take longer.

An untraceable or uninsured driver's case involves loads of investigation and criminal proceedings that have to go before a judge. So, they will take a longer time to reach a full conclusion.

Other factors that determine the amount of compensation you can get include;

The expenses you've incurred as a result of the accident

  • Loss of earnings
  • Your future care needs and costs of adapting to your new life
  • The cost of current and future rehabilitation, therapy, and support
  • The level of your contributory negligence
  • Whether it can be settled in or outside a court

Can a Claim Be Settled Outside a Court?

It helps to think of your car accident solicitors as your sword and shield. They'll leave no stone unturned in finding out who's responsible for your accident. Such responsiveness means they ensure you get a car accident compensation in a shorter time without involving the courts.

However, sometimes these deliberations may fail to produce a liable party. At times the car accident compensation claims value can't be agreed upon by either party. This means you may have your day in court.

It helps to work with our solicitors for all the legal advice you need inside or outside the court.

What Is a No Win No Fee Car Accident Claim?

Most of our car accident claim work on a No Win No Fee agreement. This means you don't have to cover the cost of the suit with upfront payments. You also don't need to pay anything if you lose the claim.

What if you win on a No Win No Fee basis? Then, your opponent covers the bulk of your legal fees. The rest will come out of your injury compensation. We'll ensure you remain sufficiently informed each step of the way.

Our Simple 5 Step Personal Injury Claim Process

We understand that most people prefer not to sit through a long legal claims process. They can be boring (even for lawyers at times). That's why we came up with this 5 step claims process that makes it more bearable for all parties involved:

A Free Initial Legal Consultation

We'll have a sit down to determine the best course of action. We'll keep everything confidential, and this is a free consultation. We'll also take you through various financing options such as our No Win No Fee package.

Settling On Who Bears the Responsibility

We'll help you walk through your ordeal to determine who's responsible for your injuries. If it's clear, we put our team of experienced investigators to the task. We'll contact the liable party on your behalf once we've zeroed in on them.

Putting Your Needs into Perspective

We'll take a look at the severity and impact of your injury, consulting medical experts where necessary. This gives us reasonable grounds for calculating a settlement that will help you reach a full recovery.


Serious injuries often require immediate medical care. We'll help you secure an interim compensation- this is paid in advance of the final settlement. We also have a specialist team to help you access the very best rehabilitation and support.

Closure (Final Compensation)

We'll settle the matter out of court if it's possible. If that's impossible, you can rely on our expert legal advice through each step of the court proceedings.

Why Choose Us?

Our personal injury solicitors handle thousands of claims every year. We've helped our esteemed clients claim over £1 billion in compensation in the last 2 years.

Claiming with us is not merely a safe bet. We're up to the task, and we promise you:

  1. A free initial consultation
  2. Our no win no fee policy ensure zero legal fees (even if you don't win)
  3. We have no over-head cost or hidden charges
  4. You can leverage our experienced council minus the financial risk
  5. We'll fight as hard as possible to ensure you get the maximum compensation you desire
  6. We keep our legal cost to a minimum by putting your opponent to task
  7. We have locations all over the UK, including Scotland

Claim Line 365: UK's Best Car Accident Claims Solicitors

When you're in the middle of a traumatic car accident, it can be difficult to know what steps are needed. There's always someone on the line at Claim Line 365 ready to listen and help 24/7! We have an excellent track record so we'll do our best for your needs. Claim Line 365 can help you through the entire injury compensation process, and what's more, we have a no win no fee policy. Think of us as your support system, simplifying all the legal jargon so that may be able to understand where you stand through it all! Let us know today how we may be of service to you by calling 0203 813 9654 or contact us online form for a free consultation.

Call us 0203 813 9654 today and see how we can help you.
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